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Christmas is fast approaching! Here are our top tips that may help you look and feel your best!

Tip 1: Eat before you head out! on trips or family visits. By eating smaller healthy snacks regularly, you will maintain stable blood sugar that will prevent you from over indulging. 

Tip 2: Avoid skipping meals! Doing this to feel better after a big meal may seem like the answer, however it will only lead to unhealthy weight gain and potentially binge eating later. 

Tip 3: Lower your alcohol intake! Alcohol can have a significant affect on your general health, blood sugar levels and cardiovascular system. Limit your alcohol intake and you will for sure be feeling alot fresher and clear minded this festive season. 

Tip 4: Be Active! We know what you are thinking, of course being active is important all year round. However Christmas and New Year is the perfect time to get the whole family together outdoors for walking and exploring while spending quality time. 

Tip 5: Keep Hydrated: Water is your best friend all year round, particularly though during Christmas and New Year. Maintaining hydration will not only prevent you from eating bigger portions, it will also help to cleanse and rejuvenate your system. 

Tip 6: Try a completely new workout! 

Final Tip: Lay off the guilt! Guilt from indulging can actually increase your cortisol levels and contribute to unhealthy weight gain and mood disorders. By following our healthy tips you can reduce the likelihood of feeling this way and start to give your body the love it deserves. 
31. 10. 2016
Let’s begin with what exactly is stress and the associated symptoms?Stress is not a ‘’bad’’ thing, it is a primal reaction that the human body experiences in order to keep yourself safe, mainly reflected through physical symptoms. When you find yourself stressed, that means your body has switched to what we call: ‘’fight or flight’’ mode, causing your body to release complex hormones called adrenaline, cortisol and norepinephrine.These hormones wreck chaos on your entire physical and mental well-being, causing important bodily functions dysfunction such as digestion and your adrenal glands. Adrenaline rush causes your heart to palpitate and gives you a boost of energy that increases focus.Sometimes you may find that your body experiences this ‘’fight, flight’’ adrenaline in situations where you are not in immediate danger, which is the symptom of unhealthy stress. This can make it difficult for you to think and can greatly affect your working day, home life and relationships. You may feel aggressive, moody and feel that you are losing your happy self. If we remain in this state for long periods of time, this unhealthy stress becomes damaging to your precious health.In today’s quick fix society, we are often trying to alleviate our unhealthy stress with more unhealthy choices, instead of addressing the underlying issue. Did you know that unhealthy stress can even be triggered by simply being deficient in certain essential vitamins and minerals? Makes sense doesn’t it? Especially if we making further unhealthy choices to avoid feeling this way: such as eating out too much and not receiving adequate nutrition.We urge you to open your mind to natural healing and focus your thoughts on your inner self and begin to ask yourself the hard questions, you may find you are making unhealthier choices without even realising it, which contributes to the heightened symptoms of physical stress. By incorporating natural remedies and stress management techniques, you can experience a healthier and more balanced mind and body, according to recent scientific studies.
Stress less Multivitamin Support
Research shows that replenishing your body each day with essential vitamins and minerals, is crucial for everyday support and prevention. We recommend you take our multivitamin formula, which is suitable for both Men and Women, and most importantly contains magnesium for extra stress support, as well as the antioxidant Vitamin A, which also is known as a stress combater. Our soft-gel capsule, not only means your body may absorb our ingredients faster, but it is also more comfortable to swallow.

Stress Less Vitamin B Complex Support
For natural stress relief support, we recommend you take our best-selling Vitamin B Complex! Suitable for anyone suffering from daily mental and physical stress, fatigue and poor sleep. It is also essential for those following a vegetarian or vegan diet and will not contradict with prescription medications. We recommend you take our Vitamin B Complex with our Multivitamin for best results.

Stress less Omega-3 Support
If you do not have an allergy to seafood products, and you suffer from anxiety or depression, our Omega-3 fish oil 1000 is an abundant source of DHA & EPA fatty acids, which are vital for efficient brain function and mood stability, with natural anti-inflammatory powers. Low levels of DHA & EPA in the brain have been associated with anxiety and depression, therefore natural supplementation can assist with mood instability, often caused by neuro-inflammation.

One of our favourite QUICK stress less techniques!
Breathing correctly has a huge impact on intense stress outbreaks, this quick video below, will show you how to breathe and affirm your mind that you are safe. You can use this technique sitting at your desk, at home or even in your car! 

With Love - Aspen Ridge Team!

The longer evenings are now upon us! Which means summer is almost here! Say hello to no more dark mornings and longer hours of sunshine! Now is the perfect time to give our supplements a go OR give your current supplement routine a fabulous upgrade! If you are new to taking supplements, then fear not! We have put together our best summer starter vitamins and minerals to suit everyone’s needs! Summer is the perfect time to include our natural, synthetic free supplements that will help you look and feel your best this coming season!

Research shows Multi-Vitamins may assist with summer slimming, this is because when your body is lacking in essential vitamins and minerals, your appetite increases, as your body attempts to refuel itself. By replenishing your body with our daily Multi-Vitamin, your body will stay topped up, thus helping to keep your appetite under control. Our Multi-Vitamin is great for both men and women, features summer body loving vitamins and minerals such as: Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Zinc! Vitamin C and E work in combination, helping to lower your body temperature and prevent heat stresses. Vitamin C and E also help repair sun damage by encouraging natural collagen production healthy tissue growth. Zinc in our Multi-Vitamin helps men recover from long summer training sessions, low testosterone production is a sign of deficiency, our B Vitamins also provide extra energy support.

With collagen being the most abundant protein in our bodies, replenishing our levels is vital. Our gorgeous Marine Collagen formulation, will help protect your hair and skin this summer from over exposure to the sun and sea! Convenient to include in your day and carry in your handbag, our Marine Collagen features Grape Seed oil and is free from heavy metals (mercury) and toxins, for a hydrated and youthful complexion.

Getting your Omega-3s are essential for summer wellbeing and the most powerful of them all is our Antarctic Krill Oil 1000mg! Research shows Krill Oil omega-3s are extremely well absorbed and contains the red pigment antioxidant: Astaxanthin! Astaxanthin even works as an internal sunscreen, while helping to prevent free radicals and prevent ultra-violet damage. Astaxanthin is a powerful carotenoid vitamin and will also help you get beach body ready, as it moisturises and smooths ski, making it more elastic and reduces wrinkles, sagging and signs of aging, such as sun spots!

Calling all fitness lovers! Our multi-action Glucosamine contains powerful Chondroitin and Boron, which decrease the rate of cartilage degeneration from rigorous exercise routines. We recommend you begin taking our Glucosamine 4-6 weeks before you begin your summer fitness activities such as running and training!

Men who love the gym and are looking to bulk up this summer, look no further than our delicious Colostrum chewable tablets! Derived from cow’s milk, produced after birthing, Colostrum contains high levels of immunity and growth boosting compounds! Colostrum helps men improve their body composition, boosts their immunity and supports intense summer fitness training and weight lifting! Colostrum can also protect against heat stroke, while exercising outside! What’s not to love?

With Love - Aspen Ridge Team!


Variety and balance are key! Switch up your workouts with functional training, think: Boxing, Reformer Pilates, HIIT, Spin and Yoga. The goal is to combine high intensity training with re-balancing training, for a focused mind and a body that you can get the most out of! You will find you will function much better and have more energy and longer stamina for those high interval training sessions! Functional training is all about training your body the way it naturally needs to move in every day life, think lunges, squats and rotations, no workout equipment required and can be completed in under 10 minutes! Perfect for busy weeks!

Matcha everything! Matcha green tea is the new kale and boy are we excited! Even Starbucks has joined the trend! Where to start when choosing Matcha? Always go for the organic option first! This is because you are consuming the whole tea leaf, rather than brewing it. Matcha should also be a gorgeous green colour, too brown screams oxidization and it may taste sour. As we are coming into Spring, a great cooler alternative for those spring BBQs is to add matcha powder to homemade almond milk and crushed ice! YUM.

Grain, macro and veggie bowls just to name a few! The biggest trend right now is to simply be inventive in the kitchen and DIY everything! These super simple bowls can be customised to suit your families taste and budget, as well as being cute and fun! Think locally grown produce and play with raw and cooked vegetables to find your perfect combination! Add healthy grains and spices for an extra Spring kick! Here we show you below some amazing Macro bowls!

Enjoy September Everyone! xx

"Spring is fast approaching! Who knew time could tick this fast!? Spring is the perfect time to literally ‘Spring Clean’ your health, as it is known as a time of birth and growth! Cliché we know, but here are our top tips to help you re-boot your life! Spring is all about providing your Liver, your body’s largest gland, with the nutrients it needs to cleanse your body freely!

We cannot stress hydration enough! Of course water is what your body craves and should always be your first choice, adding herbal tea to your water cold or warm will detoxify and hydrate your system and Liver! Some great teas for the spring months are: Dandelion, Burdock, Ginger, Liquorice Root, Nettle, Mint, Fennel and Cardamon! Mixing Ginger with Liquorice and Dandelion makes for a delicious blend!

Learn to manage your stress levels! Unwanted stress can cause IBS, bloating, heartburn and headaches. This is the perfect time of the year to start breathing in the deeper crisp air and begin a new exercise venture! Stress impacts the Liver directly, so take our Aspen Ridge Pure Liver Guard Milk Thistle and you will notice the difference immediately!

Eat mindfully, foods like Bananas, Cucumbers, Papaya, Asparagus, Ginger, Peppermint and Chamomile contain anti-inflammatory benefits and trust us, you will feel the difference instantly! Need extra help to beat the bloat? Try our Aspen Ridge Celery Seed 10,000! Our unique soft-gel formulation enables you to benefit from quicker results, as this special coating allows for faster absorption just when you need it the most. Blended with avocado oil, grape seed oil and cod liver oil, you will also benefit from ingredients that benefit your skin, heart, joints, blood pressure and Liver!

Eliminate spicy foods and increase your intake of vegetables rich in micro nutrients such as: beetroot, zucchini, onions, garlic, leeks and string beans! Add flax seeds and a dash of fresh lemon and lime to your cooking, which will nourish and promote healthy liver function! Our Aspen Ridge Royal Jelly from the bees will also support healthy Liver & Kidney function, while delivering a natural form of probiotics to support your digestive health!”

With Love - Aspen Ridge Team!
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