Aspen Ridge
We value and take your health seriously, everything we do is so our customers have access to the highest quality supplements that only contain ingredients the body can use efficiently for optimal health. Our core set of values are what we live and breathe every day to consistently offer our customers the best product experience.

Customer Satisfaction:

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is integral to our core set of internal and external values. Through our strict commitment to quality, we aim to ensure each and every customer is not only satisfied, but is inspired by our products to live a healthier and fuller life. We believe every customer will be able to select a product within our wide range that addresses their specific health need and reflects their own personal taste and lifestyle.


Our team receive a high level of support and investment to source and scientifically formulate quality products. Our team has traveled internationally to major international supply expos, here they learn about the latest offerings and gain insight into both domestic and global formulation trends and customer demands. Safety: Our investment into the safe and accredited production of our products, proves our industry led credibility and commitment to our customer’s safety and peace of mind. Our laboratory safely produces the physical product for you under strict TGA and New Zealand Medsafe GMP standards. Our laboratory also adheres to the strict manufacturing code set by the government body: New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) to protect our customer’s health and provide the quality they expect.


Our soft-gel manufacturing requires a high level of precision and skilled formulators to create revolutionary formulas and fill compositions with the highest accuracy of dosage. Controlled humidity and temperature environments ensure the end result of a product of the highest grade is produced. Our soft-gel technology makes our customers lives easier, are easier to swallow and provide excellent stability of our active ingredients. Soft-gel technology masks any unpleasant odours or taste associated with certain ingredients, while enhancing bioavailability. The hermetic sealing of soft-gel encapsulation prevents the product from tampering and bacteria from environmental contamination.

Quality Promise:

Aspen Ridge is strictly committed to maintaining the highest possible standard of quality control by sourcing and selecting preferable ingredients that are manufactured in our world-class laboratory, under globally recognised TGA and New Zealand Medsafe GMP standards. Each product undergoes rigorous testing and monitoring to ensure the safety of each batch. During this process we adhere to HACCP procedures, an internationally recognised food safety system, that ensures our customers safety, which is always our priority. Wherever possible, Aspen Ridge formulates the highest potency supplements, containing no commercial binders or fillers and only minimal ingredients for truly natural products.
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